The Glitzy Girl

When shooting a Glam Series, where else do you start browsing other than Oh Polly? I am obsessed with this brand. Unique, sexy and high quality pieces at affordable prices for any…

The last of the loungewear

Stop wishing your life away

Standing out from the crowd

Winding down

Is it me, or is literally everyone having a winter holiday this year? I’ve tried to escape it. I’ve unfollowed the whole of the Made In Chelsea cast off Instagram…

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Financial woes and student loans

Living in the moment

Unconventional changes for a more productive lifestyle

What’s really important?

A few months back I treated myself to a new car, a few nights back I crashed said car. It’s one of those ‘if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry’ situations- so…

Does the perfect job really exist?

Just start

Nobody’s as good at being you, as …