The Ultimate Winter Coat

Something major has happened- I think I’ve found, the perfect winter coat (I know, big statement). You know those days, where you’re snuggled up in your dressing gown, it’s absolutely freezing cold (obvs), and…

My Blog’s One Year Anniversary

Panasonic Beauty- ‘Shaped Around You’

‘The Perfect Denim Skirt’- in collaboration with …

“My Favourite Photo”- in collaboration with Panasonic

I’ve only been blogging for just under a year- but in that short time, I have banked an unhealthy amount of photos of myself! But of all the photos, this…

Off To The Weekend

Stop wishing your life away

Standing out from the crowd

Financial woes and student loans

As a younger girl, I always recall thinking “When I work full time, I’m going to have so much money- I’l be able to buy a designer handbag every month!”.…

Living in the moment

Unconventional changes for a more productive lifestyle

What’s really important?