Panasonic Beauty- ‘Shaped Around You’

  Believe it or not- skincare is one of my biggest passions. After suffering a few years back for about a year with what felt like the longest and most…

‘The Perfect Denim Skirt’- in collaboration with …

“My Favourite Photo”- in collaboration with Panasonic

Off To The Weekend

Stop wishing your life away

One of the things I get most frustrated at myself for is wishing the time away. I’m always looking forward to the next weekend away, the next holiday, the next…


Standing out from the crowd

Financial woes and student loans

Living in the moment

Unconventional changes for a more productive lifestyle

We’re up to week fourteen now, and my blog posts officially don’t fit onto the home page any more. Two-page territory people- super exciting (for me anyway!). As I progress…

What’s really important?

Does the perfect job really exist?

Just start