A graduates reality


I still remember feeling so lucky to be one of few sixth form students who knew exactly what they wanted to do, and exactly how they were going to get there. For me, there was never anything else I considered but a career in Fashion. I wasn’t quite intelligent enough to be a doctor, or an accountant- nor would that interest me. I knew as a painfully ‘average’ student-  I needed to be in a creative role.

Somehow- we were made to believe that if you didn’t go to university you would not be able to succeed, but how could this be if everyone’s idea of ‘success’ is different? Looking back- I admire the individuals who made their decision for themselves and not for the yearly school stats…


Regardless of this, I did end up going to University and completing a Fashion Marketing degree. And (for the most part) I enjoyed it. It gave me a great insight into many different potential careers within both business and Fashion, but without trying every single one how could I ever be sure of which career path was for me?

Following on from my graduation, within the space of three months I’d secured an entry level role within Buying for a well-known, global, Blue Chip company. Every graduates dream, right? But what happens if you get to the job you’ve been studying for three years- and realise it’s everything you don’t want?

At this stage I found myself more settled than ever- but more lost at the same time. A moment of panic- had my whole degree been a waste of both time and money? Do I need to go back to University? Is my time over, and I’ll be stuck in a dead-end job for the rest of my life forever paying off my student over draft…?


As I flicked through the pages of many recruitment websites, pulling out the one (slightly) interesting bullet point from a list of job role ‘daily tasks’ and Googling for some form of reassurance from digital forums with students going through a similar mid-youth crisis- I realised that I wasn’t going to find everything I wanted within a job role unless I created the role myself…

It turns out writing your own lifestyle, beauty and fashion content, as well as producing images (mainly of yourself, of course!) and creating a self made web space wasn’t a role I’d find advertised on Indeed.


They say you must take risks in order to get to where you want to be- so I did just that. I quit my job. I left work on the Friday and I (quite literally) never returned. Life’s too short to be anything less than happy- right?

I got a temporary, Admin based, Monday to Friday pay-the-bills job- and saved all my energy for my blog. And here I am now… At the beginning of my journey.


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  1. Grandad
    November 20, 2016 / 11:05 pm

    Very very well presented and constructed content was like getting a window on your mind you should go far when you get onto your chosen career path don’t get too close to colleagues and be your own personal g

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