Sometimes you have to just ‘grin & belt it’

As a super short girl (5’3 specifically- somehow my photographer Megan makes me not look like a complete midget) I always struggle to rock the knee high boots trend. I’ve tried so many pairs, and every time I find myself sitting on the floor, box on the carpet, phone in one hand checking back through my order conformation- “I swear I didn’t order thigh high boots?!”. (Of course I never did, I just conveniently forgot I’m not a 5’10 Missguided model. Surprisingly it happens a lot!).  

The boots are too long, the jumpers are too long, and of course I always fall in love with the items not stocked in ‘petite’. Typical.  But since re-starting my blog, I’ve truly realised how important it is to work with what you have. I mean- what else can you do?! And this outfit is the perfect example of doing just so.


As a (self-proclaimed) blogger, of course I spend most my time on social networking scrolling through my favourite style inspo pages and checking up on fashion blogs I’m loyal to looking for weekly inspiration.

Every girl knows that feeling. You envision an outfit in your head, and it’s amazing (of course!). It arrives, you try it on- you’ve got this, the pics are going to be en fuego. You turn to the mirror, and it is a HOT MESS. The dress is too big, the shoes are a different shade to the bag, and baring in mind you’re also wearing no make up with a pineapple bun to make matters worse. “It’ll look better when my hair and make ups done”. “It’ll look better with a tan”. It turns out full glam and a tan will not make your outfit fit (who knew?!)


I may have envisioned in my head when putting this look together my (non-existent) long legs peeking out of the soft grey suede boots, with the beaming blue sweat dress gracing my thighs at just the right place to reveal the perfect, not-too-much-but-just-enough, amount of skin. *REALITY CHECK (whilst frantically digging in every drawer looking for that skinny belt I bought back in 2009). But it didn’t, and I had to get on with it. 

Realistically, unless you have a millionaires bank account and tailor on hand, happen to be a ‘someone with a stylist’, or of course have the measurements of Karlie Kloss (and all clothes are designed for your seamless, gazelle like figure anyway) you’re probably not going to be able to achieve outfit perfection every time- but thats okay. Sometimes you just have to tie a belt round it, and get on with it. 


Blue Sweat Dress

Grey Suede Knee High Boots

Grey Suede Backpack

Porche Sunglasses


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