Slow & Steady…

Your 20’s are a funny stage. You’re not quite where you want to be, and you’re lucky if you’re even en route. You’ve got friends living the student lifestyle, friends who are married, friends with a mortgage, friends with children, friends on a ‘gap yah’, friends with no clue what they’re doing! Everyone’s at different stages doing different things.

No longer are the days of comparing who got the most Bratz dolls for Christmas, or who’s parents let them stay at Saturday night’s super lit (obviously) house party the latest. Instead, we’re interested in what you’re doing. Who has the best job, who drives the best car, who’s moved out… Nobody cares what your parents have. What do you have, what have you done?

15966829_1365935643469856_631387791_o15943300_1365935576803196_1787515107_oChristmas is definitely the most social time of the year for me, and I’ve found myself more than ever explaining and justifying what I’m doing and why. I consistently feel the need to make people understand what I’m doing, but why do we feel like this, and why does it matter?

I’m certainly guilty of comparing myself to others, who isn’t? I worry I should have more done by now, I worry I should have a more definite plan by now and I worry the (half) plan that I do have won’t transpire.  15967089_1365933893470031_1370952272_o15933895_1365935696803184_36211313_o15935532_1365935300136557_446852478_o15696591_1365935736803180_1874444371_oI think I can speak for most when I say we’d all feel a lot better when we realise that life is not a race. Everyone’s at a different stage and that’s what makes your 20’s so interesting. You can buy your friend a housewarming gift for the place you don’t yet have, and you can congratulate your friend on a promotion you haven’t quite secured yet, knowing that you’re not quite there yet but that’s just fine.

As long as everyone desires different things out of life everyone will continue to be different stages. You cannot compare your life to someone who wants completely different out of theirs, and you also (unfortunately) cannot plan your life down to a T. Life has a funny way of leading you to where you’re supposed to be, and for right now if I’m content with where I am right now- I’m right on plan.  15966500_1365936606803093_489119444_o15967010_1365936486803105_453204801_o15942742_1365935663469854_34411762_o

Fishnet Dress

Distressed Denim Jacket

Gold Chain Belt

Gold ‘Barely There’ Heels

Studded Box Clutch


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