Less is more

16121856_1372779372785483_379016913_oThere’s no better time of year than January to have a good, classic ‘friendship cleanse’.

Harsh it may sound, but this past year more than ever I’ve began to realise that the key to an easier life is not always surrounding yourself with as many people as physically possible. In-fact, this can usually come with a lot more problems and drama than most can handle. 16106529_10208220503418793_1047858804_o16107758_1372777582785662_308828998_oI clearly remember in my younger years wondering how my parents could possibly count all their friends on one hand. “Are they unpopular?!”, no, they’re extremely smart. To truly be rich in friendship you only need a few solid, loyal friends and that’s a lot more than most have.

As you go through life what you look for in a friend changes. You need less from some friends and more from others. You meet people you have more in common with in a month than you do with people you’ve known your whole life. You come to realise that not every friendship can fit your life and your lifestyle any more- and not every friendship is always necessary.16121958_1372818986114855_2089407825_oAs I progress into my twenties, I realise if I have just a handful of honest and loyal friendships that I can always count on, that is good enough for me.  We shouldn’t feel bad for removing people from our lives who cause us unnecessary drama, because life’s quite hard enough without it!

Some friends are here for a long time and some for a short time. Some to make you realise something and some to teach you a lesson, some to (quite frankly) give you nothing but a headache! But being able to let go of friends (unfortunately) is a vital part of living an easier life, and that’s quite O.K.

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