The balancing act

Life is a balancing act. Balancing your friends, balancing work, balancing a boyfriend, balancing your money… And it’s not getting any easier. If you haven’t got balancing your life down yet- give it a few years and adding a mortgage, marriage and children to the mix might just tip you over the edge (something my mum kindly reminds me when I’m moaning about being busy!).


Starting my website has added that one extra aspect to my life where I have to make a real conscious effort to plan my weeks in order to ensure I can fit in everyone and everything. I’m not making out I’m a social butterfly- but life sure does get busy!

Monday to Friday is work, evenings are boyfriend. One weekend day is blog, one weekend evening is friends- and the time that’s left is a b s o l o u t e l y  k n a c k e r e d (plus dreading work on Monday of course!).  This time is usually spent scrolling through Instagram, snacking and watching the same re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians- productive, I know.


For us all, sometimes its hard to not feel guilty for having less time for people. We can so easily get ourselves into a rut of feeling guilt for putting ourselves first, or for putting too much pressure on ourselves to try and keep up with everything. I think the key to balancing life is accepting that fact that not every week will be the same. Some weeks will be more productive than others, and some weeks will be more social- and thats quite okay.

There’s only so much we can do to keep everyone happy- and the other half of this tricky balancing act is the people and things that we’re balancing. If you’ve got the right, understanding people in your life- balancing your time shouldn’t be all too hard. Besides- if we can get it down to a tee now it (should) be much easier later on.


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