Nobody’s as good at being you, as you

Anyone that’s truly passionate about something is usually self-critical. Totally normal, and usually healthy!


This week, I feel that little bit more content with how my blog is looking than I have previously. Over the past couple of weeks; I’ve invested some extra money into re-designing my blog layout and its features, dragged my poor (yet super loyal) photographer Megan to London with me in search for that perfect blog photo location and found myself a dreamy make-up artist who’s managed to beat my face enough that I’m not cringing at the thought of posting a face on photo! (Don’t worry- you can find all her info at the bottom!).

When launching yourself into any industry that is extremely competitive, whether it be that you’re choosing to work for yourself or work for someone else- it’s almost impossible not to compare yourself to others- no matter how much you’re constantly told not to. Week on week I find myself sitting looking through the pages of other bloggers sites and Instagram’s, drooling at their perfectly perfect white-background photos and matchy-matchy social networking feeds thinking “should I even bother!?”.


Recently, when psycho-analysing myself (WAY more fun than it sounds!) I’ve realised one of my weakest points is that I find myself being de-motivated by the success of others, instead of motivated.

After hosting my own one person pity-party, I manned up and I thought… “Would Little Mix stop making music, because they’re not as big as the Spice Girls?!” (Great comparison I know, it’s surprising who comes to mind in your time of need!). No, they would not. They’d clip in their weaves, put on their semi-matching but not quite matching outfits and they’d get on with it, because nobody’s ever going to be as good at being you as you!


Of all of the many great things I’ve learnt from embarking on this ‘blogging adventure’, the most valuable would be that you simply cannot get it right first time  and that’s the best bit. For me- I’m still not there, but I’m a lot, lot closer to what I want this website to be than I was with my first post back in November.

In any industry- as you go along you pick up what works and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t like and that’s the beauty of not having it right straight away. You can look back at your progress over the weeks, months and years and think “look how far I’ve come!”.

Make-up by Shani @ Bijou Beauty, Northampton

Bijou Beauty’s Facebook Page

Instagram: @bijou_beauty_makeup

All photography by Megan Love Photography 

Megan Love’s Facebook Page

Instagram: @meganlovephotography

Outfit Details

Satin Puffa Jacket

Slinky Bodycon Dress

Hailey Baldwin x Public Desire Boots

Diamond Choker


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