Does the perfect job really exist?

Somerset house truly is one of my favourite places in London. However, its central placement directly next to the River Thames makes it also possibly one of the coldest places to shoot on a winter evening. It’s a love-hate sort of relationship.16805487_10208460914108910_156399373_o16650968_1397427506987336_668588881_o

There’s no doubting that I’m still at the very, very, very early stages of being a ‘blogger’- however I do feel in the short amount of time I‘ve been doing this so far I’ve gained a pretty good understanding of both the positives and negatives of the ‘role’. Which brings me to this week’s thought- is there really any such thing as ‘the perfect job’?

Whenever you endeavour into any career or business venture, you are always sold (or sell yourself) the positives- understandably. Ninety-five percent of job interviews I’ve attended to date I’ve left dying for that oh-so important ‘we’d like to offer you the job’ call. Alongside that, ninety-five percent of jobs I’ve taken I’ve also left thinking ‘they definitely never told me about this in the interview’.



We’ve all been there (or so I like to think?!) You think you’ve found the one, ‘the dream job’. The one like in the American movies, where you start at the bottom making coffees and spending four hours of your day shredding. But before you know it- ten years have passed, and you’re CEO with a company Range Rover, a paid iPhone contract and your very own Starbucks runner. The first few weeks are always great (obviously). You’re meeting people, doing all the nicey-nicey jobs- the easy stuff. Then on comes the spreadsheets, the excessive filing- all the things they ‘forgot’ to mention in the interview.

But since graduating last year, I’ve realised a lot quite quickly. I’ve realised ‘Rachel from Friends job’ isn’t actually an achievable life goal, and I’ve definitely realised that you’ll never truly be sure what it is you want to do until you actually go out and try it.


I think when you’re exposed to all of the negatives and challenges of a role, and still get that amazing ‘buzz’ and fulfilment from a job, or hobby like my little blog here gives me- you know its the one.  I can’t seem to believe (I may well be wrong) that there is a single job in the world that is 100% positive, all of the time.  Instead, it’s more about weighing up the positives against the negatives to see if that ratio is one that you’re happy with.

So put a little less pressure on yourself. Your job might not be the one- it might just be the one for right now (cliché, right?). Every job has negatives; but if you don’t feel sick at the thought of Monday’s, it pays the bills, and you have more moments of content than dismay- then you may have just found your ‘Rachel from Friends job’, for now anyway.


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