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A few months back I treated myself to a new car, a few nights back I crashed said car. It’s one of those ‘if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry’ situations- so please humour me here.

I do usually try to avoid using my blog as any form of sad online journal, however in the same breath it’s also super important to me that my blog doesn’t just show another unachievable and glossed over faux lifestyle. So if others can take anything at all positive (or maybe even humorous) from my misfortunes then why not share them!


Now don’t get me wrong- the crash was minor, very minor.  Of course, if it was a serious accident I definitely wouldn’t be discussing it online in such a jokey manner. We were travelling at probably 15mph max, and I was simply chatting too much (as per usual) to my mum and not paying enough attention. But it was definitely scary, and I have most certainly learnt my lesson from it if nothing else.

After I’d pulled over to finish my pathetic weeping session on the side of the dual carriage way, and spent hours dreaming of the Saint Laurent clutch bag or trip to Dubai I could have spent these hundreds of pounds on rather than the back bumper of a 09 plate Toyota… I thought to myself *still crying*- is it really that bad? Has anyone died, is the world going to end?  My car can be fixed, his car can be fixed, and I, hopefully, one day, eventually, maybe, potentially, will finally– become a good driver.


This week I’ve realised more than ever (within reason) that if it is a material item, and if it can be replaced, or fixed in this case, then it’s probably not worth getting too stressed over.

This is definitely something we can all be so guilty of, including myself. I’ve stressed lusting over Louboutins, or hosting a pity-party in the middle of John Lewis because my shade of Armani Luminous Silk has sold out… But it’s not until you really stop, and just think about how much worse there is going on, and how lucky you really are that these are the main stresses in your life- that you really do feel like (quite frankly) a bit of a tw*t. 


As soon as you get a bit of money in your account- something breaks, it’s always the way. But from now onwards; I want to see things differently. See the glass half full.  I’ll be thankful I have a car, thankful I have a job and thankful that these kind of minor problems are the ones I have to worry about.

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