Unconventional changes for a more productive lifestyle

We’re up to week fourteen now, and my blog posts officially don’t fit onto the home page any more. Two-page territory people- super exciting (for me anyway!).

As I progress with my blogging and full time job balancing act, I’m making a real conscious effort to note ways in which I can make my weeks more productive to ensure that I can still have some form of social life as well as getting everything done.

Everyone hates that Sunday night feeling, “Urgh, back to work”- and I hate this feeling. Life is far too short to dread Mondays, and I’ve realised recently I only get that dreaded Monday morning feeling when I know I haven’t had a productive weekend.

So I thought why not share my top three simple and un-conventional changes I’ve made recently to my weekly schedule to ensure that I can fit everything in, that aren’t the obvious “make lists” and “buy a planner” and a little more twenty-something girl related.


Going Out

I’m by no means a party girl. Living at home through University meant my ‘student lifestyle’ was mainly spent turning my nose up at the local nightlife that I’d been familiar with for years. However, like any twenty one year old I do still enjoy a good girls night and although I don’t do it every weekend I enjoy a Cosmopolitan as much as the next.

However, I don’t think there’s one person who has a very productive day after a night out and this is why I can’t justify making it a weekly thing.

We all start off at pre drinks with the ‘I’m not drinking much tonight though, I don’t want to be hungover, I want to have a really productive day and…’ so on speech- but cut to 1am, and your six gin and tonics deep with four new BFF’s made in Revolution’s bathroom and a hand covered in club entry stamps.

You wake up at 10, queue a fatty ‘breakfast’, watch some rubbish movies, drift in and out of sleep, order Domino’s for dinner, fall asleep again and before you know it the days gone and you’re half asleep at your desk swigging coffee just to make it through Monday.

At risk of sounding like a middle aged woman at the age of twenty-one, it’s all about moderation and for me special occasions and the very odd spontaneous night out once a month is by far enough for me.


Reality TV

So easy to watch, but so very time consuming. Sad I know, but I was at a stage not too long ago where reality TV genuinely played an embarrassingly large part in my unproductive evenings.

If you’re not a reality TV fan, you may well think- how on earth does reality TV even make it onto this list?! Well… when you’re spending six hours aweek catching up on fifty awkwardly aired dating programmes (Celebs go Dating, First Dates, Love Island…) and you’re emotionally invested in twenty different reality TV families, it can impact your productivity far more than you think!

When I was at university, I genuinely used to schedule in full days to ‘catch up on the planner’. You start with TOWIE, then it’s onto Made in Chelsea, after you’re with the Real Housewives of Cheshire- and by 4pm you’ve done a full tour of the UK without even leaving the sofa.

But gone are the 11am-3pm University days you can pick and choose whether to attend, because your manager at work isn’t going to upload your work day online for you to catch up on at home while watching re-runs of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. (P.S- if you’re still at Uni treasure every moment!).

So I’ve picked only my very favourite TV programmes to keep up with and my Sky Planner is looking a lot better for it.


Online Shopping

I’d like to think I’m not the only person who does this.

In the past year, I can honestly say there hasn’t been one day go past where I haven’t done my morning online sweep cycle. Missguided- ‘new in’, Prettylittlething- ‘new in’, Boohoo- ‘new in’, ASOS- ‘new in’. As a (self-proclaimed) Fashion Blogger, checking my favourite affordable retailer’s websites is something that I can justify- the real problem is the unaffordable browsing.

Why am I looking at Chanel Boy Bags for the fifth day in a row, and why have I added ten thousand pounds worth of Balmain ready-to-wear blazers to my Harrods basket?

I can’t afford my expensive taste so this is quite frankly a waste of time *she says whilst minimising the Gucci- Kids page*. (I don’t even have children- please send help).

So if you’re not going to buy it, stop looking at it. It’s not just a waste of time but it’s also torturous.


So there we have it- my three unconventional and hopefully relatable changes in order to have a more productive lifestyle!

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