Financial woes and student loans

As a younger girl, I always recall thinking “When I work full time, I’m going to have so much money- I’l be able to buy a designer handbag every month!”. I longed for the time that I could work full time, and have all my own money to buy all the things I could want. A monthly salary in even a basic job would buy me something I wanted in Selfridges each month! But it turns out, you don’t quite have four figures to your self every month when you work full time (nobody told me this before I signed up for the next fifty years?!).

The phrase is ever so true- you spend within your means. The more you earn, the more you spend, the more bills you have and the more responsibilities you take on. You sign up to more direct debits, you buy more and you buy more expensive. 


Its a real depressive thought to be working full time to have not much spare income, and not too much to show for it. If you’re at the same stage of life as me, you’re desperately trying to get out of your student over draft (I lived at home during uni, I have no excuse to be in a student over draft I know), you’re saving for a house because… Well thats the thing to do when you work full time? But you don’t quite have the house- so you can’t show that off. You’re desperately trying to keep up to date with the ever changing fashion trends the Kardashian/Jenner clan continue creating and dropping weekly, and keep up with the odd night out so you’re not classed as a complete grandma (give it two years). And thats all without your phone bill, car finance, car insurance, board that your parents made you set up a direct debit for against your will, petrol, optional but necessary extras… HD brows, nails, hair appointments, tanning, make up… *What on earth am I going to do when I do have a mortgage?!*. 

17475017_1445230468873706_1342290238_o17500134_1445228435540576_340168954_o (1)To make my life easier, I try to plan my finances and its probably the most depressing and amateurish excel spreadsheet you have ever seen. As it leers close to Payday, I flicker regularly between emotional breakdown and “it’s just money- f*ck it!”- but is it just money, or should I be panicking that I don’t totally have it together by now?!


As much as I do think it very, very selfish that Missguided plan their 50% off sales every time I decide I’m saving money- I also am trying to be a little bit more chilled about it. 

If you’ve walked out of education into your dream, 50K a year job- go you! But if you haven’t, you’re getting experience but not being paid for it, you’re earning a low salary but with a long term plan, or you’re doing okay but drowning in debts, overdrafts and loans from a holiday to Ibiza, some lip fillers and a Givenchy bag- (again) f*ck it, it’ll all work out in the end. I like to think we’re not supposed to have it totally together in our early twenties, I think thats what our mid twenties are for!


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