Winding down

Is it me, or is literally everyone having a winter holiday this year?

I’ve tried to escape it. I’ve unfollowed the whole of the Made In Chelsea cast off Instagram (sorry- but you guys were making my TL too depressing). I’ve stopped torturing myself spending hours on the Thompson website looking at five star trips to Mexico for two, and I’ve stopped holiday clothes shopping for the holiday I haven’t booked (ASOS- that’s your swimwear’s fault). But I cannot help it- I feel like I literally need a holiday more than ever this year.


Maybe it’s because it’s my first year working full time, maybe it’s because I have my blog to think about this year, or maybe it’s because I didn’t go away last year because I chose to spend the money elsewhere (will go into detail at a later date)- but regardless, I NEED A HOLIDAY.

It’s all I can think about- morning, noon and night. Even just a week, a little cheap deal, a last minute thing, even just to Spain-to France, somewhere really close- I will quite literally go anywhere that has the sun.


There’s a number of reasons I’m sitting here in rainy, cold England writing this blog post instead of being on a sunny beach in Italy filling up your Instagram feed with posed-but-natural-but-posed bikini pics with a Cosmopolitan in hand. But until the summer I’m unfortunately stuck here, and I need to find some ways to make it through the next few cold and rainy months…. So here are some of my not quite as good, but still quite good, chill ideas.

Mask Mondays

I LOVE mask Mondays. Hair mask (usually Umberto Giannini’s ‘Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask’) and face mask (usually REN’s ‘Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask’). So god damn relaxing.

I’ve got my shower cap on, my orange tinged face mask, and I’m soaking my fake tan off in the bath ready to slather myself in it all over again. It’s not the prettiest of sights, but it’s necessary. It’s my interrupted hour every week to myself, where I can just lay, in silence, zone out, and look absoloutely vile- and I love it!


Have a cyber-free Sunday

I’m still plucking up the courage to try this one (mobile phone addict in treatment- I tackled this topic a couple of weeks back here), but imagine- a whole Sunday chill day, no phones, no laptops, no iPads, nothing.

That’s one of the main things I love about being on holiday. Unless you’re super fancy and pay for an overseas 4G bundle, you usually can’t get Wifi other than at the hotel when you’re abroad if at all, and it is so refreshing. No WhatsApp group messages with 100 notifications an hour, no Instagram feed to keep up with, no Twitter, no Snapchatting, just living in the moment (and tanning).


Book a day off work, and spend it to yourself

I love my parents, I love them so very much. But is there anything better than having the house to yourself on a day off?

A week’s worth of Sky Planner, a Chicago town pizza, no make-up and a tracksuit can feel a lot more like a 5* trip to Cape Verde than you may think… (Who am I kidding? Not even close.). Either way- It’s still shamefully enjoyable and being that disgustingly lazy for a whole twelve hours somehow makes me feel so very refreshed.

So get yourself onto E! channel and get a few old Keeping up with the Kardashians series on download, order yourself a new Miss Pap Loungewear set and get Dominoes on speed dial because if you’re not leaving the country in the next few months then this is the second best thing for now! Enjoy.


Book a massage or go to a spa

Everyone loves a spa- it’s the ultimate place to relax- and at this time of year there’s some amazing evening spa deals with a treatment and a three course meal chucked in for good measure too!

There’s something about a massage that makes you feel like you spent the whole thirty minutes (maybe even sixty minutes if you’re a real baller) floating on a very peaceful, comforable cloud- and if you’ve got a good imagination you can totally pretend you’re on a beach in Thailand rather than ten minutes down the road from home in the back room of a town centre salon.

Regardless- there’s no better way to relax so have a look on Groupon for great local deals- it might not be quite as pricy as you think.


So there we have it, four of my favourite ways to relax. Totally not glam, and not particularly luxurious or special- but it’s the little things.

If you have any simple ways that you like to relax, please comment them below! I’m always looking for new ways to chill the eff out.

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