‘The Perfect Denim Skirt’- in collaboration with Nasty Gal

Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve had a super productive weekend shooting in London, ready to get back onto my weekly blogging grind- this week in collaboration with Nasty Gal and the exciting launch of their new ‘After Party’ collection. I’m back!

The range is a limited edition collection of hard to find vintage pieces, re-worked in LA (how fancy)- so if you’re looking for something a little bit different- or the thought of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as you sends shivers down your spine- then this is definitely the collection for you!


The pieces are mainly statement items, with a few denim must-haves that will last the test of time. There’s a great mix of statement pieces, and staple wardrobe denim that you can style a thousand times over. This along with the fact they’ve been re-worked in LA totally had me sold from the get-go!

The quality of this skirt is that thick, durable, super high quality Levi denim that we all know and love- which makes them a great wardrobe investment. I’m slowly trying to edit my wardrobe to be more ‘quality over quality’, and this skirt fits in perfectly. I’ll definitely be re-styling this up for many Summer and Springs to come.


Now my holiday wardrobe is long gone, and typical English weather already means we haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever here- so I was a little apprehensive about how I was going to style up a denim skirt in chilly October. However, once again my trusty wanna-be Yeezy sock boots came to the rescue- and although this super cute ‘BLONDE’ jumper is seriously reminding me how badly I need my hair doing- this really is the perfect ‘inbetween Autumn weather’ weekend outfit.

This skirt is so perfectly paired up with chic roll neck tops, luxe cosy jumpers or crisp  plain and patterned shirts- which makes it a great, all year round investment piece.


Since starting my beloved blog nearly a year ago now, there’s clothes coming in and out like a returns room (I would have dreamed of having this problem a year or so ago!)- and therefore by ensuring my wardrobe stays minimal with a handful of key, investment and totally re-wearable and re-styleable items to mix and match with my favourite fast fashion trends- I can keep a little bit of organisation, and always have something to pair and mix-and-match the latest trends with.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love fast-fashion as much as the next twenty-something girl. For nights out especially- I think I’ll always be a £15 dress, wear it, take a few Insta snaps and sell it on Depop kinda girl (Depop- @sophiiiekiirby, there’s so much for sale!). Because lets be totally honest- none of us love to wear the same dress twice! But recently, my room has been resembling a very un-organised, very messy distribution centre and it’s been ‘Sunday clear outs’ every week for at-least a month now so I’m clearly doing something wrong!


A staple pair of well fitted blue and black jeans, a good quality pair of black leather trousers and heeled winter boots, a luxe white shirt, a soft but super warm wool coat, black barely there sandals, some new court heels- and the perfect denim skirt.

It’ll take a while to build a collection up, and I’m only a couple of items in myself- but your first investment purchase, ‘the perfect denim skirt’ can be shopped here.

You can view the whole ‘After Party’ collection HERE.


Click HERE to shop the skirt



  1. October 16, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    Amazing post lovely!! So glad you’re back in the blogging game, outfit looks amazing too 😍😍. Xx

    • sophiekirby
      October 16, 2017 / 9:27 pm

      Ah bless you- thank you so much it means a lot! ❤️ xxxx

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